Lactation Aid – Increase In The Milk Synthesis

It has been repeatedly reinstated that there is more to breast feeding then just breast milk. When the baby is feeding at the breast it is possible to express breast milk either with a breast pump or hand in order to feed the baby with expressed breast milk when the mother is away. In some cases extra liquid or powder is added to the powder to achieve some extra calories.

Suit the extra calorie Requirements

When the milk supply is not as sufficient to suit the extra calorie requirements, the baby gets very tired. Lactation aid mainly helps the baby get additional breast milk or formula. The lactation consultant will be able to best describe the unique and customized solutions that might be required for the baby. Making the feeding supplement will vary from one baby to another depending upon the individual requirements of babies. And, how long one should continue to use the lactation aid will differ based on the unique needs of the baby.

Help With Their Sore Nipples

Warming the breast and repeatedly squeezing the nipple is important to help with the blood flow in to this region. There are many women who think that pumping breast milk is far easier than actually breast feeding. Therefore, they resort to buying several breastfeeding products. Those women who experience pain and Raynaud’s breast warmers vasospasm to help with their sore nipples.

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Hiding the Heat Source

When using any kind of heat source the mothers need to be very careful to actually hiding the heat source. When there is an oversupply of milk, one-sided feeding can be followed. When warmers and breastfeeding supplements are used, there can be an increase in the milk synthesis. There are lactation consultants who will help new mothers learn how to feed their babies.

Babies Not Gaining Enough Weight

Breastfeeding women face many difficulties like decreased milk production, painful nursing, and difficulties with latching. Those babies who are not gaining enough weight will need help from a lactation consultant. They do provide with every possible guidance one might need with respect to lactation specific issues. These consultants are experienced based on evidence based study and they will be able to provide with solutions to almost all kinds of lactation issues.When you are facing issues with lactation, you should not hesitate to hire a lactation specialist. They will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and insight to help with suitable lactation solutions based on the current situation of the nursing mother versus the needs of the infant. You will thus get a very clear understanding of how milk production works, particularly useful if you are a new mother.